Waterproofing, foundation repair, & more

Founded by Adam Zemanis, who has over 25 years of experience in home construction and renovation, We Seal That specializes in the repair, maintenance, and improvement of the foundation to your home.

Every member of our staff, from sales to on-site repair crew, has the knowledge and confidence to help you solve or prevent problems with your foundation.

We take the worry out of foundation repairs, and get the job done quickly so you can relax and enjoy a dry and warm basement. 

Because of our experience in concrete repairs, we are also experts in the repair of decks and driveways affected by water damage.

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Our Promise

A sense of trust from dealing with a straightforward sales team that delivers a product as promised, leading the customers along the way in order to negate the chance of surprise issues.

By delivering a written guarantee for any future issues that may happen, making sure to educate them that the guarantee is transferable with the house to new owners if needed.

Our staff radiates a true passion for helping people and getting a sense of accomplishment from a job well done.

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Our Team of Specialists

Adam Z

Adam Z

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Luke M

Luke M

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More team pics coming soon...

More team pics coming soon...

We offer a full Range of services

  • Waterproofing foundations and providing proper drainage solutions to keep water flowing away from your investment.
  • Commercial waterproofing: we have experience with sub floor parkades, bridges, and high rises. Our vast product knowledge can find the solution you need.

Complete foundation tear out and rebuilds, masonry and poured concrete rebuilding and refinishing, from brand new to 120 years old, we have experience in solving all property issues.

Many homes over the 30 year old mark can use our mason services for repointing cracked and missing old mortar or repairing and parging exposed foundations. A great way to increase curb appeal and stop a future water problem before it starts.

Crawlspaces in Ontario tend to be the forgotten or neglected area in a home or cottage. Because its above ground, and lets face it, most are full of various creepy crawly’s, people put off doing a check up or visit to them. As a result, even though they are above ground they can still develop moisture issues, usually from excess humidity, or pooling water. We can investigate and assess the condition, inspecting all support beams and structures for rot, replacing as needed. We then seal the ground, sides and support posts from all moisture using thick fibreglass reinforced material to turn your crawlspace into a part of the home that functions with the rest of it, instead of being exposed to the elements. The most noticeable result is warmer floors, from better insulation. but with our dehumidifiers and pumps as needed you get true piece of mind knowing the base of your living space is now controlled just like the rest of the home, for humidity and warmth.

Constructing a new heated tile bathroom or a cozy spare bedroom in the basement we help homeowners long after we have stopped the water leaks!

We can patch a small crack in the foundation from inside or out as well as stabilize larger ones using carbon fibre technology. Various membranes or epoxy, we analyze and utilize the most appropriate material to keep your home safe and dry.

Often we have to remove a fence or deck to access a water issue, this translates into our ability to produce quality decks and fences or privacy walls. Our carpenters have many good ideas they would love to share with you.

We have installed drainage from.80mm to 800mm, from a simple french drain to a herringbone grid. We use accurate mapping and laser levelling to steer the water to where it needs to go.

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