Our Services

We Seal That can:

  • repair any water leak a building is experiencing
  • repair or rebuild a foundation or support structure for a home under stress
  • renovate or create a living space, usually destroyed by flood but not necessarily
  • landscape and construct drainage systems


  • Foundations: we install industry-standard drainage to ensure water flows away from your investment.
  • Commercial: we apply commercial-grade waterproofing to underground parking garages, bridges, and high-rise buildings.

Foundation Repair

  • Foundations: we rebuild and refinish foundations old and new. From a complete tear-out and rebuild to repairing a newly built foundation, we have a solution.
  • Masonry: we repair the masonry in your home’s foundation. Many homes suffer masonry decay as they age. Our masons repoint cracked and missing old mortar, as well as repair and re-parge exposed foundations.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

  • Repair: we investigate and assess your crawlspace’s support beams and structures and replace as required. 
  • Sealing: we use thick, reinforced fibreglass to seal the ground, sides, and support posts that make a crawlspace a functional rather than exposed and vulnerable part of your home.

Water Leak Solutions

  • Repair: we patch foundation cracks—inside and out—and stabilize larger cracks with carbon fibre.
  • Reinforce: we analyze your foundation and apply the best materials—membranes or epoxies—to keep your home safe and dry.


  • Rooms and add-ons: in addition to ensuring your home is dry and leak-free, we rebuild bathrooms, install heated floors, add rooms to unfinished basements.
  • Patios: we extend our expertise in concrete foundation repair to patio repair and construction. We patch, tear-out and replace, and build new concrete patios.
  • Fences and decks: our work often requires temporary removal of a fence or a deck, as a result we have excellent fence- and deck-building skills. 

Drainage Systems

  • We build drainage systems of any size and type—from 0.8mm to 800mm, and from basic French drain to herringbone grid. Combined with accurate mapping and laser levelling, we direct water where it needs to go—away from your home.
  • Pumps: we know that sometimes a pump is necessary to ensure better removal of water. We work with a partner to provide-ultra quiet interior or exterior pumps in almost any location. Always installed with overflow alarms to trigger drainage, our pumps ensure you never have to worry when a rainstorm hits.

How We Work

We communicate and coordinate a plan of action

We ensure seamless execution of each new project by fostering clear communication and coordination to establish a comprehensive plan of action.

We make estimates, do the paper work, and begin repairs

We handle the entire process from providing accurate estimates and handling the necessary paperwork to promptly initiating repairs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients when starting a new project.

We finish the job, and guarantee our work

Our straightforward sales team builds trust by delivering as promised, guiding customers to avoid surprise issues, while providing a written guarantee for future concerns, including the option to transfer it to new owners, reflecting our staff's genuine passion for helping people and achieving job satisfaction.